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Monday, 28 March 2011

Commitment to practical and theoretical study

The following continues my translation of the PSUV's 'Libro Rojo':

Article 10: Militants’ commitment to practical and theoretical study

Translated by Owen Richards

The party declares socialist education and self-education to be of fundamental importance and as such will establish a political and ideological System of Education, which is to be one of the national bodies within the functional structure and organisational method, according to the party’s principle of territorial and sectoral organisation. As such, it will encourage the education of all party militants in its Doctrine, Statutes, Principles, Program and Official Documents.  Prioritising the deep study of Bolivarianism, our own history, universal critical thought and Marxism as the basis for the dialectical analysis of human experience, all of which, combined with volunteer work, shall guarantee the theoretical and practical education of each and every militant.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


I'd like to apologise to all readers and subscribers of Translating the revolution for the long delays between recent posts. My three-week-old child is the culprit ;-). I'll try to return to a more regular and frequent schedule ASAP. Thanks for your support.

Owen Richards.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Responsibilities of militants

The following post is a continuation of my translation of the PSUV's 'Statutes' from the Red Book:
Article 9: Responsibilities of militants
Translated by Owen Richards
Every militatnt is obliged to comply with the following duties:
1. To defend the Homeland, the Revolution and its leader, and the PSUV.
2. To comply with ethical-moral values, education, self-education, discipline, solidarity and revolutionary love.
3. To contribute to the party's financing, in accord with progressive and proportional rules.
4. To comply with and abide by the [political] lines and instructions put out by the various leadership bodies of the party.
5. To be available to the Party Leadership in order to participate in any activity required.
6. To undertake permanent efforts in voluntary work under the Party's direction.
7. To tirelessly struggle against the scourge of corruption.
8. To confront bureaucratism in any of its manifestations.
9. To educate oneself within the Party's System of Education.