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Monday, 23 May 2011

The commitment to fight bureaucracy

The following is a continuation of my translation of 'Section 2' of the PSUV's party program, the Red Book. This section deals with the rights and responsibilities of party members. Previous instalments can be found elsewhere on this blog.

Article 11: Education for holding leadership positions

Militants of the party who hold, or aspire to hold positions in the leadership of the party's public administration, or internally in the PSUV, will need to achieve the level of education within the System of Socialist Education corresponding to the level of their position. The National Directorate shall ensure compliance with the above.

Article 12: The commitment to fight bureaucracy

The party will eradicate practices that promote bureaucratism by considering it as one of the main scourges inherited from the liberal bourgeoisie, a scourge which spreads inefficiency, laziness, abuse, individualism and corruption. In this regard, it will deepen the revolutionary transformation of state structures based on the exercise of good governance, the return of power to the people, the social comptroller, social ownership of the means of production and the elevation of political consciousness and social duty, guaranteeing that all cadres in public roles are at the people's service.


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