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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hugo Chavez - Letter from Yare prison, 1993

Here is one of Hugo Chavez' letters from Yare Prison, published in Casa Editora Abril's 'Oculto en mi pecho bravo - cartas de amor y de combate', ('Hidden in my brave heart - letters of love and combat'), 2005.
I will return to translating the PSUV Red Book soon.

To his daughter Rosa Virginia, from prison
Translated by Owen Richards

Yare prison, 14 November, 1993.
Rosa Virginia, dear daughter:
Once again they have prevented me from seeing you, my love.  But just as I carry you in every beat of my heart, I sense you even in my dreams.  And at the same time, I am certain that I am in your breast and in each beat of your heart, in your every  tender springtime step.
Here in these small spaces that I now know, I sense the sweetness of your vision and I hear your crystalline laughter penetrating my interior worlds, strengthening me in this tireless advance, in this struggle that has always had the tinge of children without toys and without schools.
Do not dismay, dear Rosa.  I need you strong and I know that you are.
Exercise your will and dedicate yourself with great care to your education, to your preparation for the intense life that you will lead.
Know that I feel very proud of you and that each day I love you more, as I love my people and my struggle.
An enormous hug, my love, from Papa.
P.s. Read, Rosa, read…

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  1. That reminds me of one of the stories from Galeano's brilliant trilogy on Latin America. It's about some political prisoner who is able to have a visit from his daughter - but forbidden to receive drawings of birds, angels, etc. She hands him a drawing of a tree with little cirles all over it.
    He says "it's beautiful - but what are all these little circles in the leaves?" And she says "Shhh, don't you see? - they're the eyes of the birds hiding in the tree, that I smuggled in for you."
    Gives me a lump in the throat every time I think about it.