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Sunday, 30 January 2011


From the PSUV program's 'Declaration of Principles':

5.  Internationalism
Translated by Owen Richards
The United Socialist Party Of Venezuela (PSUV) must frame its internationalist practice by contributing to the unification of the peoples struggling to establish projects of emancipation and liberation in Latin America, the Caribbean and other continents of the world; in seeking to provide the greatest sum of sovereignty, independence, self determination, well being and happiness possible to its citizens.
The Bolivarian revolution, given its anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist character, will create mechanisms to consolidate alliances with similar social and political movements on the global level, with the aim of achieving a new multi-polar international order.
The United Socialist Party Of Venezuela (PSUV) will promote broadcasting and ideological training spaces for the interchange of socialist experiences with the peoples of the world.  The revolutionary Bolivarian government has deepened the humanist interchange of resources with other countries in strategic alliances in the economic, political, social, cultural spheres, etc., - for example: ALBA, Petrosur, Petro-Caribe, Telesur, Banco del Sur, UNASUR, and the project of creating the Organisation Of Latin American And Caribbean Nations - in order to combat and defeat imperialism.

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