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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Party organisation

The following continues section 2 of my translation of the PSUV’s Red Book.

Coordinator of the Socialist Education System, Jorge Arreaza
Chapter 3: Party organisation

Article 14: The territorial distribution of party bodies

The party is territorially organised in socialist patrols, communal, municipal, and state socialist political teams, socialist regions and the National Political Directorate.

Article 15: Functional organisation

The party is functionally organised through the following bodies: The Socialist Congress, the Party Presidency, the First Vice-presidency, the regional and sectoral Vice-presidencies, the National Political Directorate, the Commissions Coordination, the Education System of the party, the sectoral patrols, as well as any other bodies decided by the National Political Directorate.

Article 16: The system of socialist education

The PSUV’s Socialist Education System is established as an organ assigned to the National Directorate of the party, which is entrusted with the political and ideological education of every militant. It is organised in state, municipal and communal collectives. The modes of education shall be: self-education, education in patrols and the Cadre School.

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