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Sunday, 12 June 2011

On the party youth

Here are the next two articles in my ongoing translation of the PSUV's program. Please refer to the blog archive on the left hand side for previous installments.
"I love socialism" - PSUV Youth

Article 17: On the social fronts

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela must, as an instance of sectoral organisation, lead the social fronts, movements, missions and organisations as expressions of organised Popular power that guarantee the militancy of disabled persons, in equality of conditions and opportunities.

Article 18: On the party youth

The youth [organisation] of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela constitutes the sphere of initial activation of the youth in militant activity under the party’s guidelines.

To belong to the party’s youth a person is required to be between the ages of fifteen (15) and thirty (30).

Party youth will be governed by the same rights, duties and principles established within these statutes. The functional organisation and structure will be established in accord with the Youth Congress of the party.

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