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Monday, 7 February 2011

Fundamental and general principles

Here is the final installment of the 'Declaration of Principles' from the PSUV's Red Book:

Fundamental principles
Translated by Owen Richards
The party holds to the Bolivarian ideal, the contributions of  Ezekiel Zamora and Simon Rodriguez, as well as the contributions of struggle and organisation of the Indo-African-American peoples; it takes inspiration from the origins of Christianity, from the theory of liberation; it draws nourishment from scientific socialism and the experiences of its men and women who have fought for the revolution and the construction of socialism.

General principles
The party declares itself as:
* Anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist
* Anti-corruption
* Socialist
* Marxist
* Bolivarian
* Committed to the interests of the working class and the people
* Humanist
* Internationalist
* Patriotic
* Centralist
* Ethical and with revolutionary morality
* Defender of the rights of mother earth
* Defender of gender equality and equity
* Defender of the rights of the disabled
* Defender of participatory and protagonist democracy in society
* Political vanguard of the revolutionary process
* Original and creative
* Defender, driver and promoter of Popular Power
* Promoter of endogenous development
* Defender of equality in the heart of the organisation
* Critical and self-critical
* Based on the principles of democratic centralism and collective leadership
* Disciplined
* Practitioner of internal democracy in the party
The militants of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) must validate, with daily practice, all these principles, holding to Che Guevara's maxim when he said "the revolution is held in the heart to die for, not on the lips to live for", in this way, it will be completely honest and sincere when we say:
Socialist Homeland or death... We will triumph

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