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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Section 7 of the PSUV Red Book's 'Declaration of Principles':

7. Unity
Translated by Owen Richards
The party emerges as an expression of the people's revolutionary will and represents a higher synthesis of all the revolutionary struggles and forces in Venezuela, and of all the aspects of revolutionary and socialist thought.  It proclaims its oneness with with the exploited and oppressed working class, and likewise with all the men and women who embrace the Bolivarian and socialist ideal. It is a product of the revolutionary unity of the multifaceted majority, including those of diverse ethnic, ideological and political origins.  The party will popularise organic, political, ideological and programmatic unity as the fundamental forms of revolutionary unity.
 Oscar Figuera, Secretary General of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)
The party conceives of unity as a cohesion around collectively-accepted values and principles, which are reflected in the party's program, its statutes, its ideological foundations and its political activity, and which is destined to eradicate the fracturing dynamic of particular interests and anarchy, and to replace them with the common interest and social wellbeing.
The party considers that the most basic unity is the unity of the people. Nevertheless, it will try to form alliances with all the social movements and political organizations of the revolution, within the established limits of our revolutionary principles: the need for a party engine in the battle against injustice and class inequality; a party that respects ideological, ethnic and cultural diversity; a party that permanently and democratically debates ideas about how to make a  revolution and build a socialist society; a party that vigilantly attends to the ethical and moral values of its militants.

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